Arabesque of Mary

I loved a lady like the water
When she held me I was clean,
O how fortunate I’ve been
She dropped in rain upon the leaves
To point them out in lovely trees
When we walked among the eaves,
O how fortunate I’ve been

I loved a lady like the water,
Lived a life of thirsty days —
Turned my back on tranquil bay
To start my footsteps where she lay
As duty pulled me with its call.
But distance makes a waterfall
And time bestowed us sons and daughter
And every doubt turns to surprise
When your lady is the water.

O how fortunate I’ve been,
That through a glass she can be seen,
Gracefully at dinnertime.
O how full my life is filled
To dance with her beside the sink,
To drink from her before she spilled

I love a lady like the snow
I may yet up the mountain go,
Or wait for her to tumble down
Among the snow upon my ground
O such fortune I have found
That either way, she’ll be around

for Mary Mastromatteo

24 June 2017